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location: id3v2.3.0

Informal Standard BRDocument: id3v2.3

M. Nilsson BR3rd February 199

ID3 tag version 2.3.0

Status of this document

This document is an informal standard and replaces the [:id3v2-00: id3v2.2.0] standard. The informal standard is released so that implementors could have a set standard before a formal standard is set. The formal standard will use another version or revision number if not identical to what is described in this document. The contents in this document may change for clarifications but never for added or altered functionallity.

Distribution of this document is unlimited.


This document describes the ID3v2.3.0 standard, which is a more developed version of the ID3v2 informal standard (version [:id3v2-00: 2.2.0]), evolved from the ID3 tagging system. The ID3v2 offers a flexible way of storing information about an audio file within itself to determine its origin and contents. The information may be technical information, such as equalisation curves, as well as related meta information, such as title, performer, copyright etc.


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