1. Failure to use the ID3v2 unsynchronisation scheme or the alternative scrambling scheme, as appropriate to the audio format, is very likely to confuse media players which are likely to start playback when an audio-text frame in encountered rather than at the end of the ID3v2 tag.
  2. Players which only support MPEG audio formats are not required to support the scrambling scheme provided for non-MPEG formats.
  3. It is not required to provide an audio-text frame to represent every text string present in a tag. The emphasis should be on text strings in frames that are commonly used to identify and describe the content (e.g "TIT2", "TALB" & "TPE1").

  4. A parser that does not recognise "ATXT" frames can skip them using the size field in the frame header.
  5. Editing text fields in ID3 tags may result in the retention of irrelevant ATXT frames and gaps in the provision of audio text unless action is taken to amend the corresponding ATXT frames.